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American Fire Fighters Extinguishing Blaze

Extinguish Your Administrative Fires

Scheduling  |  Shift Fills  |  Messaging  |  Payroll | Reporting

Manage your day-to-day scheduling
on a single platform


More time for what matters most

Intelligent, rules-based scheduling

Automated shift filling via mobile app for firefighters

PTO requests, approvals and accruals

Less time spent manually scheduling shifts means more time in the field protecting your communities.

Integrations with Payroll, CAD, PCR and RMS software

Audit trails and management reporting

A snapshot of Firehouse247

Fire Department Scheduling Payroll


Made for Fire Departments




Built by firefighters, Firehouse247 solves shift scheduling problems with first-hand knowledge of the biggest administration issues faced by Fire Departments today.

Get your overtime shifts, details and callbacks filled automatically, according to your unique department policies and union rules. Expect easy integration with the systems you already use, and a first-class customer service experience from the Firehouse247 team.

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Trusted By Departments Across the Nation


Firehouse247 filled 16 shifts in under an hour, a job that typically takes me 8 hours.










Mike Madden, Captain, Sharon MA, Local 1880






Firehouse247 Automated Scheduling

Here's What Our Clients Say

From volunteer departments to America's largest cities, hear how our clients use Firehouse247.

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Automated Shift Filling

Intelligent Staffing Warnings

Procedural Scheduling

Flexible Details Module


The #1 Shift Scheduling Tool
for Fire Departments


We offer plans for Departments of any size.




Our volunteer product is ideal for smaller volunteer departments and some combo/hybrid departments - leveraging the full power of the Firehouse suite of modules, including duty crews, member availability, details, and more. This price includes rollout, training, & ongoing support.



Our career product deploys our cutting-edge procedural scheduling solution, and includes all our additional modules including details, shift-filling, messaging, and reporting, alongside our white-glove rollout service, training, & ongoing support. A single payment, each year, no surprises.




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Overtime shifts, details and callbacks are filled automatically by sending texts or push notifications to firefighters. Accepting and declining shifts is easy using the Firehouse247 smartphone app.

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Automated & Real-time Notifications

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