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Hero's Cup Foundation

Strengthening the First Responder community

At Firehouse247, we're dedicated to supporting our fellow members who serve on the front lines, day in and day out. That's why we're thrilled to be a partner of the Hero's Cup Foundation, a remarkable and first of it's kind non-profit foundation and Hockey tournament championing the mental health and well-being of first responders.

Hero's Cup Foundation brings together Firefighters, EMS personnel, law enforcement, dispatchers and military members for their annual BFit Hero's Cup Hockey Tournament which has been a phenomenal success since it's inception in 2016.

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How they help

The Hero's Cup Foundation mission is to promote first responder mental health and raise awareness for the needs of the first responder community and the charities they support. Every BFit Hero's Cup tournament that's held raises a vast amount of money which is then split between numerous charities across the nation, as chosen by the supporting teams and Foundation itself. Their first tournament in 2017 raised a grand total of $179,902 from supporters and the 56 teams participating, which was divided between 50 charities. By year three they were hosting 102 teams in the tournament and raising over $415,000 which supported 80 different charities which is a monumental achievement.

One donation goes a long way

The foundation is now branching out into different areas to increase their support of First Responder communities such as golf tournaments and other fundraising events, which we know will be just as successful in raising awareness for such a worthwhile cause.

If you feel as strongly as we do about First Responder mental health support and raising awareness for this community, please do consider donating to the cause. You can donate through the button below which will take you to the Hero's Cup Foundation, simply click the yellow donate button. If you wish to donate to a player or team, follow the "BFit Heroes Cup" link.

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