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The mission driving Firehouse247

We're a team of firefighters ourselves who faced the many struggles we're solving first hand day in, day out. Our departments had pen and paper systems which were highly inefficient and cost countless hours each day through manually filling shifts. We knew there was a better way forward which would afford fire staff to reallocate time to the highest leverage duties in the department. We built our first scheduling tool which started to revolutionize our department operations and over time built more and more functionality into the system, leaving us with our current Firehouse247 product which truly stands above the rest. Our mission is now clear. We will be supporting every department we can to switch from archaic pen and paper systems, or inefficient white box products for our tailored, rule-based scheduling system to reduce costs and resource expenditure.

Fire Department Scheduling Payroll


Made for Fire Departments




Built by firefighters, Firehouse247 solves shift scheduling problems with first-hand knowledge of the biggest administration issues faced by Fire Departments today.

Get your overtime shifts, details and callbacks filled automatically, according to your unique department policies and union rules. Expect easy integration with the systems you already use, and a first-class customer service experience from the Firehouse247 team.

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