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When it comes to cancer, early detection is vital.

We're honored to partner with the wonderful non-profit DetecTogether, whose mission is to educate young adults, workplace employees and first responders on how to detect the first signs of cancer early.

Cancer is a formidable opponent, but early detection can significantly increase the chances of successful treatment and recovery. By understanding the early signs and symptoms, you can take action before the disease progresses to advanced stages. Regular screenings are vital for catching cancer in its earliest and most treatable stages. Through education and awareness, DetecTogether is helping to save numerous lives and reduce the impact of this devastating disease.


What The Partnership Means

Our partnership with DetecTogether holds special significance for us as we extend our support to the first responder and firefighter community. These brave individuals face unique challenges in their line of duty, including increased exposure to environmental toxins that may elevate their risk of developing cancer. We hope this collaboration will enable us to spread the word with the many departments we serve, and prevent first responders needlessly losing their lives to cancer.

DetecTogether developed 3 Steps Detect as your roadmap to early cancer detection. They teach firefighters how to recognize the early warning signs of cancer and be active partners in health care. The worst cancer diagnosis is a late one. Response Time Matters.

To learn more about the education and training DetecTogether specialise in, and their 3 Steps Detect initiative, please click the button below. We also ask that you share this information with as many of your close work colleagues, first responder connections and young adults with the goal of stopping cancer early. 

The American Cancer Society estimates there will be a further 2,000,000 cases in 2024. Together, we can reduce this number.

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