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Solving every administration problem you have

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Firehouse247 Features

Made by firefighters, for firefighters.

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Smart Scheduling

Manage daily schedules and station details with ease. Oversee PTO, open positions, and station coverage from one calendar. Handle rotating assignments and perform manual schedule overrides effortlessly.

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Time Off Requests

Centralize PTO management with streamlined request and approval processes. Keep track of member accruals in one location while ensuring efficient approval workflows.

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Automated Shift Filling

Effortlessly handle details, callbacks, and general recall situations. Coordinate group, team, and individual callbacks smoothly, while easily creating and filling in necessary details.

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Overtime Shifts & Details

Take advantage of highly configurable shift filling from multiple overtime lists. Manage shift swaps and simultaneous shift fills with real-time accept/reject options and automated schedule updates.

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Need to message certain groups? Use our simple messaging system to reach individual firefighters, groups, or custom lists. Plus, you can easily send general recall messages in case of an emergency.

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Firehouse247 includes support integration with your current NFIRS provider with future plans to be your full stop NERIS provider from 2026.

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Finally experience robust reporting for payroll and staffing, with seamless data exporting capabilities. Integrate effortlessly with CAD, payroll, RMS, and EMS systems.

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Rules & Communications

You'll benefit from intelligent staffing warnings and seamless PTO approval management. Enjoy automated schedule updates along with real-time push and SMS notifications.

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