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Every day, fire department members put their lives on the line to protect
their communities from fires and medical emergencies. However, while their
equipment has become more advanced over the years, many departments
still find themselves struggling to improve their administrative processes
and operations. This results in departments using outdated manual
processes to work around the various scheduling, shift filling, and overtime
rules adopted over many years, making change even more daunting than it
needs to be.

Firehouse 247 allows Fire Departments to leave behind their current white
box solutions, spreadsheets, and archaic paper processes for a powerful yet
easy to use scheduling, shift filling, work management, and payroll solution,
including best-in-class deployment services to ensure a smooth transition.
Firehouse247 enables Fire Departments to automatically fill overtime shifts,
details and callbacks according to your unique department policies or
union rules, as well as provide robust payroll reporting and audit logs to
eliminate errors and conflicts.

Screenshot 2024-05-24 094348.png

Built by firefighters for firefighters

Eliminate payroll errors

Detailed reporting and tracking avoids manual mistakes.

No more phone calls

Save countless hours per week filling shifts and details.

Predictable schedule

One source of truth means no scheduling surprises!

Eliminate grievances

Remove human errors from time off through payroll.

Happy firefighters

Fair and equitable rule-based shift filling with timestamped audit trails.

Ask about our mobile app

  • Department calendar

  • My Schedule

  • Upcoming open shifts

  • Accepting shifts & details

  • Request PTO

  • Communications

Schedule Management

  • Station details

  • PTO management

  • Open positions

  • Station coverage

  • Rotating assignments

  • Manual schedule overrides

Details, callbacks, general recall

  • Group/team/member callbacks

  • General recall

  • Create and fill details

PTO Requests & Approvals

  • PTO requests & approvals

  • Accruals

  • Centralized PTO approval

Overtime shifts & details

  • Highly configurable shift fills

  • Simultaneous shift fills

  • Shift swap management

  • Real time accept/reject

  • Automated schedule updates

Reporting & integrations

  • Audit trail

  • Member/Schedule/Master log

  • Management reporting

  • Data export

  • Integrations (CAD, Payroll, RMS, EMS)

Schedule Management

  • Intelligent staffing warnings

  • Intelligent PTO approval management

  • Automated schedule updates

  • Real-time push & SMS notifications


Are there training or setup costs?

There are no additional costs. All training, setup, and support costs are included in your annual license fee.

How easy is it to use?

Firehouse247 was created with ease of use in mind and has been described by many departments as highly intuitive. The product was designed by firefighters to address the specific needs of fire departments

How do I get additional support?

Firehouse247 is dedicated to your success. We provide hands-on deployment services by actual firefighters that use the product daily. We also have a knowledgeable helpdesk to address any issues experienced or changes needed after you go live.

How does Firehouse247 handle my specific department rules?

Firehouse247 has been built to handle fire departments and their unique situations. Firehouse247 will implement any specific rules and requirements before going live and as part of the initial setup.

About Firehouse247

Built by firefighters, for firefighters. With first-hand experience of the biggest administrative challenges facing Fire Departments today, Firehouse247 delivers a comprehensive solution that focuses on ease of use to make daily administrative tasks simple and immediate. Issues with scheduling, shift filling and payroll are now a thing of the past.

Fill overtime shifts, details and callbacks automatically whilst adhering to your unique department policies and union rules. Easy integration with your existing systems for CAD, RMS (inspections, pre-planning, inventory, training, etc.) NFIRS, payroll and dashboarding. First-class customer service experience from the Firehouse247 team.

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