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The 5 Best Firefighter Podcasts: Our Top Picks

firefighter podcast microphone - the 5 best firefighter podcasts

Who doesn't enjoy kicking back during some much needed "down time" and sticking a podcast on? They're fantastic for absorbing new information if you prefer to learn by listening and they're also great for hearing viewpoints and stories from those in the same profession.

For us Firefighters, they're especially beneficial. Due to the nature of our work we spend a large portion of our lives "on the clock" at the station, often spending our time with the same team members on rotation. Sometimes we enjoy listening to new stories from those in different departments or larger cities where there's a bit more going on. We also have a lot of rules, regulations and industry updates we need to keep track off. Podcasts offer the flexibility to listen and absorb on the go. We've brought together the top podcasts our team listen to regularly, either from the position of keeping up to date with industry changes or enthusiastic hosts full of personality giving us a good laugh.

Let's dive into our top 5 Firefighter podcasts

1. The Firefighters Podcast

Rating: 4.7

Hosts: Pete Wakefield

Type: Education

The Firefighters Podcast is of UK origin, hosted by Pete Wakefield, which covers global stories and topics of emergency service operators. Pete talks with individuals from all walks of life and countries to showcase what life is like as a first responder, giving valuable insights to those in the profession with different experiences.

2. Gettin' Salty Experience Firefighter Podcast

Rating: 5.0

Hosts: Lou Rufrano & Kevin Kubler

Type: Education, humor

The Gettin' Salty Experience puts you right in the conversation with some of the greatest firefighters within FDNY and departments across the nation, sharing their stories and experiences along the way. IT's a couple of guys who aren't afraid to speak their minds and express themselves in any way they can - it's a blast, and well recommended.

3. DTFF - The Volunteer Firefighter Podcast (Down To Fight Fire)

Rating: --

Hosts: Todd, Ash, Scott

Type: Education

The DTFF podcast is hosted by three volunteer Firefighters from rural areas who aim to educate, build a close knit "family" community, share the skills they've learnt along the way and do what they can to make everyone as effective in the role as they can be. This podcast is more about the experiences of the hosts rather than the first two as it's a smaller podcast, but still very much worth the experience of listening!

4. The Fire Rescue Athlete Podcast

Rating: 4.3

Hosts: Aaron Zamzow

Type: Health & Fitness

The Fire Rescue Athlete Podcast covers every topic within the health and fitness zone of first responders from keeping active and fit, to nutrition and best wellbeing practices to keep you performing at your best. Each new episode tackles a questions from listeners and guests on staying fit in the line of duty. It's certainly kicked us into gear on more than one occasion!

5. Averagejake Firefighter Podcast

Rating: 4.7

Host: Robbie Owens

Type: Stories & experiences

The Averagejake Firefighter podcast is hosted by Robbie Owens, who shares his experiences within the fire service and benefits those from Probie up to Fire Chief. He talks about what he's learnt along the way, he interviews those in the service, and he reviews valuable resources for improving how you operate.

That's it, our top 5 as selected by our team! Being Firefighters ourselves, we're always on the lookout for the best resources to perform at a high standard, the best conversations to pick up different viewpoints and insights, and the best way to spend keep on top of the industry. If you have a particular podcast you indulge in, or would like to discuss scheduling for your department, please get in touch through [email protected].


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