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Public Sector Scheduling Made Easy

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Firehouse 247 work management software

Made for Fire Departments

Built by firefighters, Firehouse 24/7 solves shift scheduling problems with first-hand knowledge of the biggest administration issues faced by Fire Departments today.

Get your overtime shifts, details and callbacks filled automatically, according to your unique department policies and union rules. Expect easy integration with the systems you already use, and a first-class customer service experience from the Firehouse 24/7 team.

Schedule a call with us and get started with your free trial now!

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When needed, make sure you're always there.

Dedicate focus to policing, not time-consuming scheduling and shift-filling. By using our LEO 247 scheduling and work management platform, you can focus on core policing tasks, and leave the shift-scheduling and schedule creation to LEO. 

Scheduling for public works teams.

Public works teams are at the core of our infrastructure and public spaces' maintenance. Much of your key work relies on regular, scheduled work. However you’re spending a significant amount of time filling empty shifts, allocating overtime, and writing out schedules.

With Worx 247, this scheduling will be automatic, your shift-filling will become near-instant, and staff will be able to see with complete transparency that the system is acting fairly and in line with policies.

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More time for what matters most

Automated shift filling via mobile app for firefighters

Your team has instant access to their schedule overview, with the ability to pre-accept open shifts ahead of time. 

PTO requests, approvals and accruals

You have complete control over your teams’ requests in real-time. They don’t wait for approvals, and you don’t lose sight of their hours.

Intelligent, rules-based scheduling

We understand every department has its own rules. We spend the time to learn and implement your department rules to give you a tailored system fit for your needs. 

Instant reporting

Instantly generate vacation, sick day, and payroll reports at the click of a button. Export your reports and forward them on within minutes.







What Clients Say About Us

With Firehouse 24/7, I can check availability in real-time and set up duty crews weeks in advance. No need to make hundreds of calls, the guys simply log in and select the jobs they want.

wantagh fire department

Firehouse 24/7 has dramatically reduced the time it takes to fill overtime shifts and details. They customized the system to accommodate all of our equalization policies and union rules. Fantastic product, we love it!

smithfield fire department

Firehouse 24/7 is a great product. Filling overtime and details is a breeze, the guys love how they can request time off and accept overtime, view their schedules and track their hours.

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